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Best Pens for Planners

Sarah Vaughan 2 Comments
I want to start this off by letting you know that this is certainly not the most comprehensive list of all the pens that are out there. In fact, I really just want to tell you about the two types that I regularly use, and love!Firstly, lets talk about what works on vinyl stickers. Gel pens don't, won't, don't even bother trying. They just smear ...
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VINYL vs PAPER and what do I love?

Sarah Vaughan
So assuming you know that I only produce vinyl stickers now, I'd forgive you for thinking that I always loved vinyl. In fact, my first few experience of vinyl left me thinking that I'd never buy it again. I found it impossible to peel, it smelt weird and the texture of the surface I really just didn't enjoy at all! At that time, I was loving the...
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