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VINYL vs PAPER and what do I love?
Sarah Vaughan
VINYL vs PAPER and what do I love?

So assuming you know that I only produce vinyl stickers now, I'd forgive you for thinking that I always loved vinyl. In fact, my first few experience of vinyl left me thinking that I'd never buy it again. I found it impossible to peel, it smelt weird and the texture of the surface I really just didn't enjoy at all! At that time, I was loving the matte and glossy paper that I was using for my stickers too. So how on earth did I get from there to now producing only vinyl, and it being my sticker type of choice in my own personal planner?

Well, I won't bore you with all the laborious details, but through lots of research and experimentation, I found that there were different qualities of vinyl and different finishes (and smells!), just as there are with paper types. I ended up falling in love with two different types (a matte and a glossy). And I love them so much that I completely discontinued the paper I was previously offering.

Those of you that know anything about vinyl would be thinking by now, "...but you can't use gel pens on vinyl." Yeah, that's true. And that was a turn off for me initially when I was first trying vinyl. Especially since I have such a huge collection of gel pens too! But the other benefits really do out way the pen situation. 

So what do I love about this vinyl?

  • The surface is so super smooth and luxurious! Once customer of mine referred to it as unicorn tears and after laughing like crazy (and my husband wondering what on earth was going on), I just smiled and nodded. 
  • It's removable. When I have an appointment that changes, or for those days I just can't stick things straight for the life of me, I can just peel it straight back up! This has saved me so many times!
  • The colour is AMAZING! Both the matte and gloss I have are equally so rich and beautiful in colour. I still get surprised when I print a new design for the first time.
  • It's super thin! Don't be fooled when you pick up the sticker sheet for the first time. Yep it feels thick - but most of that is the backing, keeping it sturdy and strong. Peel the vinyl sticker off and be amazed at the thinness. Great for those who like no white space spreads and worry about how much the planner can bulk up over the course of the year.

      So that's a few of the reasons that I'm now IN LOVE with my new vinyl! If you haven't tried vinyl before, or you have tried it and weren't a fan, perhaps for some of the reasons I mentioned, I encourage you to give it another go! 



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