Mystery Kit Subscription

Join in the fun every month with a new collection of planner stickers created by Plan It Beautiful.

Subscription Options

Not sure which to choose? Here are some of the differences:

Matte & Glossy Vinyl

Super vibrant & highest print quality
Ultra thin (won't bulk the planner out as much)
Requires a permanent pen

Premium Matte Paper

Permanent adhesive
Buttery smooth
Thicker than vinyl
Use any pen


Ultimate Kit

The Ulimate Kit format contains 8 full sheets of stickers giving you loads of options for planning! Perfect for no-white space planners or for those who like maximum value and stretch out kits over many weeks.

If you are a collector of sticker kits for their beautiful art, then this is definately the one for you!

Essentials Kit

The Essentials Kit format is a scaled back version, designed to be a budget friendly option for who don't use as many stickers in their planning.

It contains 6 full boxes, bottom washi, some deco and lots of functional items


Q. Is this an ongoing subscription or do I need to buy it every month?

A. You don't need to repurchase it each month. It will automatically renew.

Q. Is there a minimum time I need to subscribe for?

A. No, you can cancel at any time.

Q. Can I buy the kit in the shop like other kits?

A. No. The Mystery Kit Subscription is for subscribers only and will not be coming into the store for regular purchases. It is limited edition. The only exceptions would be in the event of over stocks, or special promotional events.

Q. Will any other shops use the same artwork?

A. Artwork for the Mystery Kits is original artwork to Plan It Beautiful, and not available anywhere else. This way you can be sure that the Mystery Kits are completely original and you won't have anything else quite like it already.

Q. What payment methods do you offer?

A. As this is a recurring, subscription payment, credit card is the only available method at this time.

Q. When will the payment process?

A. The payment will process monthly from the date you first subscribed.

Q. When is the cutoff to subscribe for the month.

A. As some payment methods can take a few days to clear, and to help us with processing times, cut off to subscribe is every 26th of the month. We will only ship to orders that have successfully processed on the date of shipping.

Oh no! It looks like you are too late for this month. Be sure to check back early next month so you don't miss out.